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Fort Union

Fort Union was never a fort full of soldiers, but was an active trading post. Furs and other goods were bought and shipped by steamer to St. Louis, MO. Staples such as flour, tobacco, and tools were sold to both Indians and settlers. 

The small window was used for trade with Indians when they were not known to be friendly.

The Bourgeois House has been reconstructed to its 1851 look based on an 1866 photograph. The house is now a museum and gift shop. 
Heavy timbers indicate where small outbuildings once stood. Some were also located against the outside walls. These were occupied by various workmen such as the blacksmith. Others were stables for horses. A walkway surrounds most of the inside of the wall near the top at a convenient height for shooting at hostiles.
The fort is located close by the Missouri River that boats used to move trade goods between the fort and St. Louis. One major item shipped was furs. A press like this was used to compress hides into bales for shipping.

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