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Las Vegas and the Area.


Our visit to Las Vegas was the week after 11 September. There are many, many bright signs along the strip, such as this one at The Fashion Mall, that showed the flag and the words "God Bless America." Some showed this continuously, others were programmed to show it as part of a repetitive message. While there seemed to be a lot of people in the town, the number of tourists was actually very low compared to normal. All motels and hotels had vacancy signs lit.
There are replicas of many world places along the Las Vegas Strip. The city of New York is represented by several icons. One is the Statue of Liberty. The fence around the statue, below, was decorated with flags, flowers, and notes from many people expressing their sympathy for the people of New York.
The Bellagio Hotel has a water show that is spectacular. The water show is produced by many fountains that move in time to music. The fountains are arranged in rows and circles, and each fountain is individually controlled. Still photographs cannot begin to show the beauty. At night, lights make the show even better. We heard and saw at least three different shows while we were there. One was to the music of "God Bless The USA" by Lee Greenwood. The water shows are repeated very often during the day and evening. I don't know if they continue though the night or not.
Another free show that is normally available is the Buccaneer Bay  show in the lagoon of the Treasure Island Hotel. However, the shows were cancelled while we were there. There was concern about having large crowds because of 11 September. This show is normally once or twice a day.
Hoover dam is just a short distance from Las Vegas. Tours were stopped during our stay, but the top of the dam was open to cars and small trucks, and I could walk around and take pictures. The gift shop with the worker statue outside was also open and busy.
We made one stop as we left Las Vegas. This was to view and sample the products of the Ethel M. Chocolate factory. Peanut brittle was being made during our free, self guided tour.

I don't know what cactus has to do with with candy, but there is a large, and very beautiful, cactus garden associated with the candy factory. Most plants are identified. Also free to visit.

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