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Vancouver, BC

We spent two nights at the Airport Comfort Inn, which is actually in Richmand, BC, just south of Vancouver. We chose this hotel because they have up to a weeks free parking for each night spent in their hotel, and they have a free airport shuttle service. We drove to Vancouver to start our two week Alaskan Princess Cruisetour. The savings by parking in their long-term lot instead of at the airport almost paid for the two nights stay.

Our first priority at Vancouver was to prepare for the cruisetour. A Laundromat was found a few blocks away to satisfy our first need. We then packed the suitcases for travel by plane, train/bus, and then ship. Those clothes we would not need until on the ship were packed in a suitcase that would be stored until needed. We did have most of 19 August (Sunday) to visit Vancouver.

Vancouver has  world famous Stanley Park. The totem poles are one reason to visit the park. We did not enjoy our visit to the park because the park was badly overloaded. The weather was beautiful, and it seemed that everyone from Canada was in the park at the same time as us. Traffic was bumper to bumper throughout the park.
The road through the park is one-way, and several miles long.  One round trip driving through the park required two hours. Parking spaces were found only when someone left. This tow truck was removing one of five cars parked in a shuttle bus stop. Another car parked there before the truck left. 
Part of the park has a bike and jogging path for those who need exercise. Great views of downtown Vancouver are available from this path. Evidence of the vitality of Vancouver is provided by the number of construction cranes active in the area. This is obviously low tide.
Outside of Stanley Park, our Vancouver tour consisted of just driving through part of the town. Three of these large, artistic, salmon were displayed in front of one of the government buildings.

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