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Our Trip of 2003

Earl Park to Mackinac Island

Note: Additions will be made to include multiple pictures of several stops. Click on a picture for more.

As usual, our long trip started with a visit to Earl Park, Indiana, for the Hershey Family Reunion.

Following the reunion, we traveled on to visit with nephew Charles and wife Margaret in Wisconsin.
There, we enjoyed their garden  and a visit to Old World Wisconsin.

Next was a visit to the Iron Mountain Mine, the Seney NWR, and Oswald's Bear Ranch, all in upper Michigan.

A male merlin hawk.
We stopped by Tahquamenon State Park for a look at the beautiful upper falls after the visit to Seney NWR. All of these places are worth a visit, but there were only a few birds to see at Seney in early August.

Next stop was St. Ignace, MI, for two nights with a visit to Mackinac Island.

Walking, bicycles, and horses are the only means of transportation on the island. Fort Mackinac has costumed actors that are entertaining. The Butterfly Conservatory is worth a visit.

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