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Corkscrew Swamp
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d3IMG_0824 IMG_0839 IMG_0830 IMG_0850 IMG_0870
IMG_0842 IMG_0886 IMG_0893 IMG_0816 IMG_0783

All photos were made with a Canon Digital Rebel with a Tamron 28-200mm lens and 1.4 TC. A multiplier of 1.6 is needed to convert the lens focal length to indicate the 35mm equivalent. All photos were opened in Photoshop Elements and gamma increased in "Levels" because I think they look better. All but two pictures are full frame. The Purple Gallinule and the Little Blue Heron were cropped to better fill the presented shot. All were resized for 400 pixels height. The flower was a vertical shot. No color correction or other changes were made in Photoshop.

The boardwalk is 4 miles long with Audubon members stationed along to help visitors see and identify animals and plants. It is all wheelchair accessible, and there is a shorter walk of about 1.5 miles for those not up to the full length. No toilet facilities are along the boardwalk. Several signs are also in places to identify certain plants.

Food and drinks can be obtained in the visitor center. When we visited, we joined the Audubon Society at no greater cost than the entrance fee. Audubon Society members and seniors both receive a discount entrance fee.

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