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Venice, Florida, Rookery

February 2004

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d-c8IMG_0436 e-f1IMG_0573 f-g1IMG_1222 g-e81P1070463 h-e52IMG_1259

     Two cameras were used for these pictures. One was a tripod mounted Canon Digital Rebel with either a Tamron 28-200mm lens and a 1.4 extender, and the other lens was a Sigma 600mm, f8, mirror lens. A 1.6 multiplier is needed for 35mm equivalence. The second camera was a hand-held Panasonic FZ1. The Panasonic has a 4.6 to 55.2mm zoom lens, with a multiplier of  7.6 for 35mm equivalence, giving 35-420mm equivalence. The lens is optically stabilized, f2.8 maximum, allowing hand holding.

    Some pictures were cropped, and this is stated in the captions. Almost all were brightened a small amount in PSE because I like them brightened. PSE was used to resample all pictures (after cropping) to have 600 horizontal pixels, and were saved with a jpeg quality of 5.

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