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Lassen Volcanic National Park

Our visit to Lassen Volcanic National Park was only a little more than a drive through. We visited the visit center and I walked one short trail in the Devastated Area. The park history illustrated in the visitor center was perhaps the most interesting part of the park visit.

Clouds covered the top of Lassen Peak most of the time we were present. A trail from the lower  right edge of the picture ends at the top, I am told. I did not take it. My scanner has a problem in showing true colors. Ash from this volcano has a pink color in many places.
The wide angle picture above does not show the true scale of the trail from the parking lot to the peak. The photo here shows people on the trail. Three to the left of the small tree group, and one to the right. Notice the jackets. 
Many trees in Lassen are unusual in that they start out life growing perpendicular to the ground, which is often at a steep angle, and then change to a vertical orientation. Other trees start out vertical.

Near the south end of the park there are sulfur deposits easily visible from the road.

Very near the road are some active volcanic mud pits and fumaroles. There are trails in this area to see more than those near the road.

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