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Burney Falls

Burney Falls, in California's McArthur-Burney Falls State Park, is the prettiest small waterfall that I have seen. Viewing starts at the parking lot level, and continues as the trail leads by the left end of the falls to the pool at the bottom.

After climbing back out to the parking lot level, an ice cream from the gift shop is refreshing.

The falls is in a grotto. Part of the falls is directly from Burney Creek at the top of a cliff, and the rest is from many areas below the ledge, and spread over a wide area.

A short trail from the parking area leads to the pool of the falls. This was a hot summer day, but the spray was very cold.

A view of the right side of falls. The cracks that supply the moss covered sides of the falls with water is the reason this falls is so beautiful. 

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