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Sea and Land Animals

We went whale and iceberg watching on the afternoon Northland Tour boat from St. Anthony on 14 August.
We saw about 6 humpbacks very close to the boat. The iceberg we saw was small, but still larger than the boat, and was expected to be the last of the season. A good trip.

This moose cow was in Gros Morne National Park, a good place to see moose.

 The bull above, with one very small antler on its left side, was at Cape St. George. Moose are found all over Newfoundland.
Caribou are also found all over Newfoundland, but the best place to see them is along the Irish Trail, highways 10 and 90 south of St. John's. These pictures were made near the junction of the two highways. Several days earlier, we did see two caribou crossing the highway near St. Anthony, but did not get a picture.

A wildlife park, Salmonier Nature Park, on highway 90 just south of Canada 1, has a number of animals that are not likely to be seen outside a zoo, as well as many that are common.

The arctic fox, left, in summer gray, and lynx are two uncommonly seen animals.

I had difficulty with photography in the park due to bright sun and deep shade. The animals looked better than my photos. Some other animals seen were bald eagles, snowy owls, river otter, moose, great horned owls and falcons. There was a toilet about midway along the trail.

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